"Your piece of the Alaskan mystique"

Long Island (mid-picture) with Mt. Edgecumbe in the background, Gull Islands in the foreground, and the Echolms to the right.

Long Island location.


"Your piece of the Alaskan mystique"

(855) 752-5001 (Toll-Free in AK)
(907) 752-5001

Island View Subdivision,
Long Island,
Sitka, Alaska 99835

Island View Subdivision with lot size acreage noted.
5.7 acre lot is not marked bit is to the right of those that are marked and has access from both sides of the island.

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Purchasing details

Alaska Island Photos

The Cabin on the Long Island Property.


Island View Subdivision drawing with utility easements. 
Note the cabin on the 5.7 acre lot.

Alaska Island Videos
Long Island is in small boat range of Sitka's many harbors.  This quiet little town in the Alexander Archipelago in Southeast Alaska is enjoyed by salmon trollers (see video with excellent salmon cleaning tips for the sport fisher) but does get busy for a day or two each year during the herring sac roe fishery.







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