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This is a video showing much of downtown Sitka, with banjo accompaniment.  There are many similar tourist videos. Additionally, Sitka's 8,835 residents (2000 census) are quite happy (see demographics).  Typically, half of the students in a Sitka High graduating class have lived in Sitka since kindergarten.  Sitka is a nice place to live and to recreate.  As the saying goes, "Sitka has it all." Residents can watch puffins, bald eagles, and humpback whales in their natural habitat, to say nothing of the local fishing (following videos).

This video is about trolling for salmon in Sitka waters. 
The salmon cleaning tips at the end of this video are for the sport fisher as well.

Toward the end of this video of the more raucous but only once a year Sitka
herring sac roe fishery, "The Biggest Catch," Long Island is in the background.



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